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Whether you’re looking for a cultural heritage experience, ecotourism experience or spiritual centering in the very center of the world, planning a trip to Ghana has never been easier. Reserve a spot, talk to us and plan your journey today!

Heritage Tour - Ghana

June 1st-10th 2018

Sacred moments in the center of the world during a period in the center of the year!! Definitely an opportunity to "Know thyself" and get centered. This 10 day, 9 night tour starts in  Accra - the sacred grounds upon which the first black African nation to gain independence - Ghana -  declared itself liberated from colonialism and made the statement that "the independence of Ghana is meaningless unless it is linked with the total liberation of Africa." We then proceed to Kumasi to experience some Ashanti royal culture and enlighten ourselves about the founding of the Ashanti Nation and it's long history of resisting British colonial rule. Next stop is Elmina and  Cape Coast Castles, sites of "points of no return" for Africans sold into slavery in the transatlantic slave trade and UNESCO World Heritage sites - A very emotional experience as well as great opportunity to bring closure to a sordid past.  Also experience the breathtaking landscape and scenery as you take a tour of Akosombo and the Volta Region of Ghana.

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